Basic Permissions Consultation (start here)

This is a good place to start if:

  • you have questions about whether or not you need permission to use someone else's content (quotations, images, etc.)
  • your publisher has already tasked you with seeking permission to use someone else's content 

Through this consultation, you will be introduced to general guidelines surrounding copyright issues and fair use laws as they pertain to your particular project. You'll learn how to reduce your risk of copyright infringement, how to determine when you should seek permission to use other people's content, and when it is best to seek legal counsel. You'll be able to determine which citations would benefit from our citation evaluation (click here) or securing permissions (click here) services. 

This is NOT a good place to start if you are seeking legal advice. We are not copyright attorneys, and we cannot guarantee that our advice will prevent you from being sued for using someone else's copyrighted content. For legal advice about your copyright decisions, please contact an attorney.

Basic Permissions Consultation Package ($49)

A 30-minute consultation session to talk through your particular permissions issue, in which we will:
  • get to know your particular permissions issues related to your work
  • help you identify content that is free to use without permission
  • help you navigate fair use guidelines so that you are able to make informed decisions about what to use and whether (or not) to seek permissions
  • determine if further research on the content you want to use is necessary and when it is necessary to hire a copyright attorney
Unlimited email follow-up with regard to the issue brought up in the consultation session

Fill out the form below to schedule a Basic Permissions Consultation ($49):

Disclaimer: we are not copyright attorneys, and we cannot guarantee that our advice will prevent you from being sued for using someone else's copyrighted content. For legal advice about your copyright decisions, please contact an attorney.

Permissions Consulting Testimonials

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Scott Clemens

I wanted to do a basic copyright search on a song from the 1920s that I wanted to use in a novel. GSF was fast and thorough. It saved me a lot of time and aggravation and was well worth the modest fee. I discovered the song is copyright protected until 2022, and GSF went so far as to provide me with a link to where I could ask for permission. I'm super happy with the service.

Glenn Kammen, Author

Kelly had already done significant research in advance of our permission consultation. She was not only knowledgeable, articulate, and extremely well-organized but very congenial and easy to work with.

Sari Trompke

Loved the service! So helpful with learning about the things I need to do to get my book published and still be protected.

Sophie Waghorn

Kelly gave me some very specific and concrete guidance on copyright issues relating to a book I'm writing. It was tremendously helpful and I feel relieved and informed now. We discussed how I might make some changes to ensure that I am limiting my risks while retaining the impact of referencing certain information. She was a pleasure to work with, I felt she was genuinely interested in my particular situation, and I'd recommend her to anyone concerned about permissions.

Mark Backus

I consulted with Ms. Figueroa-Ray on a website concern I had regarding copyright issues. She provided me with accurate information that helped me make decisions that met my need for insight, safety, and respect. I highly recommend her to any who are seeking clarity around copyright matters.


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Praise for our work...

Jane Friedman, publishing consultant, author educator, and former publisher of Writer's Digest

Kelly was indispensable in her organization and attention to detail with my book project for the University of Chicago. She had a large amount of material to review and manage, lots of sources to research and cite, and was able to tackle it all while needing very little guidance from me. Beyond that, she also compiled chapter abstracts and keywords, and went back through my work multiple times as changes were made. She was invaluable.

Kevin Bader, writer

Christopher was exactly what I was looking for. He is a great biblical scholar of historical criticism who held my writing feet to the fire. The biggest surprise is how good he is as a straight-up editor. It's ironic that I like his red pen more than a few "professional" editors I've worked with. Perhaps all editors should be put through the mandatory rigor of grading students' papers for a few years, as well as writing their own papers for tough professors.