Securing Permissions

Securing Permissions (hourly work) includes:

  • research to determine who owns the copyright or trademark over the content you would like to use
  • determining what information they require to consider granting you permission to use their content
  • reaching out to the copyright or trademark owners to request permissions

Here is a sample status report used to help keep customers up-to-date on the permissions seeking process:

Fill out the inquiry form below and we will send you a cost estimate of your project. We usually recommend purchasing a $49 basic permissions consultation (click here) before taking this step. This consultation will provide you guidelines that will help reduce the cost of any additional evaluation of individual citations and securing permissions services you might need.

Disclaimer: We are not intellectual property attorneys, and we cannot guarantee that our advice will prevent you from being sued for using someone else's copyrighted or trademarked content. For legal advice about these intellectual property issues, please contact an attorney.

Securing Permissions Rate Inquiry Form:

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 200.

Permissions Consulting Testimonials

Kelly's tenacity in tracking down rights holders was exceptional. I'm convinced she is actually a detective.

Glenn Kammen, Author

They accomplished in a couple of months what I tried to accomplish for two years. I was kept informed of every step in the process.

June hired GSF to secure permission for her to use song lyrics in an essay she was submitting for publication.

June Hannay Kosier, RN, MS

Kelly was instrumental in helping me research public domain photos and even creating images for my book, Truth. As a first time author, it was a very big deal to have someone on board that knew all the ins and outs of the industry and I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism and timeliness of her work.

Jennifer Gilliland

I felt comfortable with Kelly as soon as I heard her voice in our phone consultation. She was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I appreciated the clarification and specific suggestions in her follow up email.

JoAnne Silvia


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Praise for our work...

Kelly was indispensable in her organization and attention to detail with my book project for the University of Chicago. She had a large amount of material to review and manage, lots of sources to research and cite, and was able to tackle it all while needing very little guidance from me. Beyond that, she also compiled chapter abstracts and keywords, and went back through my work multiple times as changes were made. She was invaluable.
Jane Friedman, publishing consultant and former publisher of Writer's Digest

Christopher was exactly what I was looking for. He is a great biblical scholar of historical criticism who held my writing feet to the fire. The biggest surprise is how good he is as a straight-up editor. It's ironic that I like his red pen more than a few "professional" editors I've worked with. Perhaps all editors should be put through the mandatory rigor of grading students' papers for a few years, as well as writing their own papers for tough professors.

Kevin Bader, writer

Kelly's tenacity in tracking down rights holders was exceptional. I'm convinced she is actually a detective.

Glenn Kammen, Author